Control Panel

Control panels in production lines are panels used to control the successive operating steps of the product in factories, where the product moves from one step to another automatically through (plc) or classic control circuit

Al Alamia for engineering and trading company is distinguished by designing and implementing control panels in production lines as follows :

- Using panels with a high degree of protection, IP65, produced by Schneider Electric International company, in order to protect the internal components of the panel from weather and mechanical factors, and we use the best cooling methods appropriate to the weather of each factory.  

-Using high-quality components produced by Schneider Electric. which is characterized by good performance and a long-life time.

-Using advanced numbering and terminaling systems according to European specifications and making linear and executive drawings (catalogue) for each panel, which makes it easier for the customer to connect the panel and follow up on faults and maintenance after operation.



Control Panel - Al-alamia Engineering and Trading