ATS Panel

The ATS panel is an electrical control panel in which the power part has two separate inputs from two different feeding sources, one of which is called the main source (Mains) from the local electricity company, and the other is called the reserve (Stand by) from the electric generator, where this switch works when the main energy source is lost to convert automatically to the backup power source or vice versa,

This system is used in places subject to continuous loss of the main current source, where the electric generator provides alternative electrical energy in the event of a failure of the main source of electrical energy. Transferring the electrical loads connected to this C.B to the backup source represented by the electric generator. This C.B works manually or automatically after receiving the order to cut off the electrical current from the network.

technical specifications:


Al Alamia for Engineering and Trading Company

- measuring the loads to determine the capacity required for the panel to connect two sources.

-Designing the panel suitable for the loads.

-Manufacturing the panel in our factories with international Schneider brand components.

-Installing and testing the panel at the customer.

-Periodic follow-up of the panel throughout the warranty period.

-Repair and maintenance of all ATS panel.

ATS Panel - Al-alamia Engineering and Trading