Distribution Panels

Low voltage distribution panels are one of the most important elements of the electrical system. The panel represents a point of positioning, organization and monitoring of electrical power according to its specification and to control the connection and separation of power by manual or automated for related electric loads, whether when maintenance is performed, or automatic separation to protect loads when failure occurs.

Types of electrical distribution panels:

-Main Distribution panel (MDB)
-Sub-distribution panel (SDB)
-Lighting panel (LDB)

Our company designs and installs the panels with perfect precision, high efficiency and international standard specifications, all C.B and contactor used in our Panels produced by Schneider Electric International company.

Technical specifications for electrical panels:

Drawings are made for each panel before starting implementation by specialists at the highest level of efficiency.

When designing electrical panels (main or sub) take into consideration this item.

• The number of main and sub switches, and their capacity for electric current

• The method of electrical connection between the switches with each other through the main copper distribution rods made of high-quality red copper and well fixed on Bakelite insulators to bear the mechanical stresses and their capabilities according to the required specifications so that the current density does not exceed (2) ampere / mm.

• The total current of the loads.

• The necessary protections in the panel

• The necessary measuring devices.

• The number of entrances and exits to the panel.

• The area of ​​the panel must be observed to match the number of switches, protection devices and distribution rods, taking into consideration leaving enough spaces for easy extension of cables inside the panel

• The degree of protection from weather factors  (IP), which is protection from various weather factors, such as: air, dust, water, and various liquids.

• Mechanical protection (IK) : which is protection from mechanical factors, such as: transportation, installation, scratching, durability, disassembly, and installation several times.

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