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The power factor correction panel is considered one of the important panels for factories and companies, since improving the power factor leads to a reduction in the consumer’s electric consumption bill by maintaining the inactive capacity at a level lower than the contractual value that is agreed upon with the electricity distribution company.


The benefits of correction power factor are:

It enables the customer to use transformers and smaller cable cross-sectional areas, in addition to reducing the loss in capacity, which brings financial benefits to both the consumer and the feeder.

- Reducing electrical losses (p,kw) in cables :

The loss of electrical energy in the cables is directly proportional to the square of the current, and the amount of this loss is added to the reading of the electric energy meters (KWH).

- Increased carrying capacity :

correction the power factor provides us with an important amount of the capacity of the current network, which allows you to add additional loads without the need to increase the apparent power, and this contributes to reducing the necessary financial expenses, and increasing the power factor is represented by increasing the capacity of each of: transformers and electrical cables.

- Voltage stability :

The correction of the power factor will avoid the factory’s electricity network from voltage drop, which is represented in the following :

-reduce the motor speed and increasing its temperature.

- Increased electrical current that results in high temperature of the cables.

-Low network voltage affects the efficiency of electronic control devices.

In addition, the Ministry of Electricity encourages the installation of power factor correction panels, because in the event that they are not installed, the customer will be charged with a large financial fine. In the event that the power factor percentage reaches 92% or more, the Ministry of Electricity gives the customer a financial reward (bonus) or it is deducted from the consumption bills.

technical specifications :

 Al Alamia For Engineering and Trading Company

-Measures the loads to determine the capacity needed to improve the power factor.

-Designing the panel suitable for the loads.

-Manufacturing the panel in our factories.

-Installing the panel at the customer.

-Periodic follow-up of the panel throughout the warranty period.

-Repair and maintenance of all power factor correction panels.

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