Power Factor Correction Panel
Our company provides the following tasks:
* The measurements to determine the suitable power required the ability to improve the power factor.
* Design power factor panel.
* Industry the panel in our factory.
* Installed for the client.
* Follow-up the panel during the warranty period.
* Repair of all power factor correction panel
Power factor (cos Φ)
The cosine of the angle of phase displacement between current and voltage.
Cos Φ  =p/s [W] / [VA].
Why correct power factor?
The reactive current circulating between the utility company´s generator and the consumer converts electrical energy into heat in the power distribution system, and there is an additional load on generators, transformers, cables and switchgear. Energy losses and voltage drops are incurred. If there is a high
Proportion of reactive current, the installed conductor cross sections cannot be fully utilized for transmitting
Useful power, or must be appropriately over dimensioned. From the utility company’s standpoint, a poor power factor increases the investment and maintenance costs for the power distribution system,
And these additional costs are passed on to those responsible, i.e. those power consumers with poor power factors. A meter for reactive energy is therefore installed in addition to the one for active energy.