Frequency Inverter


Technical specifications:

Capacity up to 1200 kW up to an external frequency. 800 HZ.

Equipped with RS232C & RS485 Serial Communication.

Equipped with Noise Filter.

Supplied With 6  digital input multi-functional and can be programmed to implement the function and one of the 51 posts.

Relay output 2 providers multifunctional and can be programmed to implement the function and one of the 29 posts.

Supplier of digital display to adjust the driver and the read current, frequency, or power output and presentation of all malfunctions.

Torque control is determined automatically according to the needs of load.

Set Acceleration & Deceleration Time automatically.

Provider feature energy-saving (electricity) .

Provider feature sudden stop in an emergency.

Supplier of all types of protections:

  • Protection against a phase failure.
  • Protection against over, under current.
  • Protection against low voltage.
  • Protection against increased torque.

Starting torque up to 200%.

Ability to control by remote control panel.

The frequency control by the external Potentiometer or through the entrance of the effort variable ((0-10 V or input variable of the current (4-20 ma).

The ability to read current, frequency , power output .

Connectivity unit or PLC logic programming screen statement or directly control Touch Screen to control it.